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iTextiles 2.0

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What's new in the latest version?

· 100% online! But printed version of e-Textbook available upon request.

  • Now with coordinated links to samples in The Textile Kit!

  • Additional new video clips!  

  • e-Textbook content revised and expanded based on instructor feedback, for example, more on Sustainability

  • Professors, customize your lectures—select only the slides you want and add your own slides anywhere

  • Professors, upload your own assignments and test questions for the ultimate in course customization, seamlessly integrated into iTextiles for your students!

  • Professors, transfer your course to the next semester along with your lectures, assignments, quizzes, and tests—no need to set everything up again

The cutting-edge iTextiles is an incredibly visual, interactive e-Textbook for learning about textiles. The accompanying software and online support includes thousands of digital images, video clips, exercises, experiments, and lots of interactivity! Students can review and get immediate feedback on their progress. Adopting instructors receive instructor-only lectures and a test bank containing over 1000 questions.

The iTextiles e-Textbook SAVES STUDENTS MONEY over buying a print version, and it allows them to print if desired. It includes a myriad of colorful, high-resolution images and interactivity not found in an ordinary textbook. Key words and phrases are "CLICKABLE", taking students to definitions, audio pronunciations, images, and more. Today’s students are visual learners and are most comfortable with digital media. They want quick access to concise, colorful information via intuitive interfaces.

iTextiles is more than a file of static text pages. Instead, it’s a clickable, hyperlinked set of screens that let students intuitively move through the material, review as they go, and move back and forth as they learn. It also allows them to toggle back and forth, between "textbook" and "lecture" formats, quickly and easily. Compared to a printed textbook, it’s green, it’s portable, and it’s incredibly ECONOMICAL!

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iTextiles is available for purchase bundled with The Textile Kit. If you wish to use it standalone or bundled with another kit, please contact us.