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ATEXINC is the place for fashion design information and textile educational supplies. We supply textile kits, textbooks, e-textbooks, software, samples, and laboratory equipment and supplies. We help bridge the gap between the textile industry and textile education. If you are interested in the business of fashion, we have something for you.

Our educational supplies are perfect for textile, fashion merchandising, and fashion design schools. They are used in a variety of colleges and universities nationwide.

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best selling swatch kit

The Texitile Kit

The Textile Kit (fiber, yarn, and fabric sample set) Eco+ Edition contains over 250 fiber, yarn, and fabric samples with a greater focus on sustainable textiles, complete index and heavy-weight mounting pages, double-stick tape, 6X linen tester, pencil, and online help for assembling and learning. Each kit comes bundled in a hard-cover, 3-ring binder. Also available Fall 2022 is an Online Only Edition of The Textile Kit! Visit for more information.

 best selling textbook

Ready-To-Wear Apparel Analysis

Now in its fourth edition, the classic textbook Ready-To-Wear Apparel Analysis has been completely updated. A host of subject matter experts revised the chapters, so you will find the same important information as before but updated for today's students. With full-color photography throughout and exciting new graphics that enliven the material, students will surely enjoy as well as benefit from learning about apparel product development and quality. Also available as an eTextbook! Read More >>>

Industrial Stitch Sampler

Industrial Stitch Sampler

Provide each of your students with the same Industrial Stitch Sampler used to teach “stitchology” to industry professionals at Union Special’s Technical Training Center. The 3” x 4” felt sampler contains 12 examples of the most commonly used industrial stitch types stitched in contrasting-color thread for easy viewing. Comes in a handy folder, mounted over a corresponding diagram identifying each stitch type. Read More >>>

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